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  1. Carol P

    “Challenges with computer systems and software have been a major drain on our time and efficiency. We are thrilled with the difference that “Smith’s Computer Services” has made for us. When we turn a problem over to them it is solved. Period. Quickly, effectively, and at less cost than when we had tried to solve the problem ourselves. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of computer systems. If he cannot immediately fix a problem, he knows where to turn for a solution. Their service has been a huge asset to our business and our bottom line.”

    Carol Potter
    Aurabella Italia Inc

  2. Here at Wildwood we can always rely on Smith’s Computer Service to be on top of any problem we are experiencing. They have always been reachable by phone and don’t stop working until the issue is resolved. We are very happy with them and are glad they have our backs when it comes to IT work.

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